Your Say: Banishing the Winter Blues


Lots of us experience low mood, tiredness and lack of energy in the cold Winter months and January can be a bit of a slap in the face after a lovely festive season! In our latest Freebie Friday post, we asked how you combat the January blues. After so many tips and tricks were submitted, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a blog post showcasing some of the best.

Every sunset is an opportunity to reset...

Getting lost in a book

Retail therapy in the January sales!

Working out! I have so much more energy and a more positive outlook

Going out for walks along my local beach

Clearing out one small area of the house each day. So I’ve done it for 22 days and the house is looking so much better with the little and often approach 

Mindset is everything

Eating healthier and making sure to get at least fifteen minutes of exercise each day

Spending time with my children and family

Swimming in the sea

A family trip to the theatre and booking lots of things to look forward to for the rest of the year

I’ve started knitting again! Loving it. I might just pick up a cross stitch again too!

The grass is greener when you water it

Doing a jigsaw and watching sitcoms

Keeping myself busy with crafts

Reading great books and going to rugby games

Getting fit at the gym

I work in a warehouse without windows so I bought a SAD lamp for my office and have been trying to drink more water

It might not be easy, but it'll be worth it

I’m doing a 100 mile sponsored walk for Cancer research. Not only am I raising money for a very worthy cause but also getting fit and active!

A pamper night with a face mask and a hot chocolate

At the end of the day, I write down three things I’m grateful for or made me happy

I love meditating

When you think positive, good things will happen

I’ve been learning how to make candles

Lots of walking and doing things that make me happy, including drinking wine!

I’ve been staying in touch with family to make sure I socialise with someone even if it’s just over the phone

Getting out and about to new places once a week to explore and get some fresh air

Feel what you need to feel, then let it go

Spending time outdoors with my friends and being appreciative of what I have

Lots of self care and treats

A nice walk along the beach, I love the cold breeze on my face and finish with a hot chocolate before the walk back home

Staying caffeinated and reminding myself beach weather is round the corner!

Getting my hair done always cheers me up

Keep your face in the sunshine and you can't see the shadow

I’m turning 40 this year so decided to make a list of 40 things I’ve always wanted to do! I’m so excited for it

Getting outdoors in nature and feeding the birds

Listening to positive podcasts

Spending a lot of time on my trampoline, you can’t be unhappy when bouncing!

I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness

Booked a holiday somewhere warm

Decluttering my cupboards

Getting out into the fresh open air and trying to get my 10,000 steps a day!

Redecorating the living room

Baking lovely treats

I’ve treated myself to some new makeup, always puts a smile on my face

Progress not perfection

Riding my bike in the beautiful countryside

We brought the outdoor light up reindeer in from the cold and rather than packing them away with the other Christmas decs, we have put them in our living room where they will stay for the rest of January. They make us feel happy and cosy and a new annual tradition has been made!

Making sure for at least half an hour a day I put some music on and sing to the top of my lungs

Be kind to yourself

Reading a positive quote each morning

Taking my vitamin B12s and just enjoying my evenings watching chilled tv!

I’m creating a courtyard garden and going to be growing herbs and vegetables as well as flowers. I’m really enjoying preparing everything

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset

We’ve been making our own fun! From having movie nights after school where I’d made our own ‘cinema tickets’… To finding random recycling and getting crafty making bits from it… going on adventure walks looking for treasure with hot choc in flasks too! Making each day different but fun (without spending much at all as it is now like the 104th day of Jan) haha

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