Behind the Scenes – Resort Ready

Kick back and enjoy the beach life, a destination where you can relax freely, live spontaneously and dress effortlessly, every single day.
Our resort range offers easy-breezy styles, with pops of colour, for an effortless transition from day to night and from beach to bar.
This campaign isn’t just an escape fantasy, it’s a state of mind.

We shot our Summer campaign in Colombia at the same time as our Spring shoot, when you are surrounded by beautiful beaches, rivers and beach bars, it made a great location to show off the vibrant colours of our high Summer collection.

Salty Sea Dog

Everywhere we went we were joined by our local fixer’s very sweet rescue dog. Named after the food she loved to eat, her Portugeause owner called her Farofa. She was an avid swimmer and stand up paddle boarder. 

Crystal Beach

Crystal beach is best accessed by boat or it is a 40 minute hike through the jungle. This remote location means it is largely unspoilt but many locals still make it a weekly ritual to make the journey here. It is easy to see why with its white powder sand and crystal blue waters.

Back at our incredible accomadation we had plenty of places to shoot, with the cool archetecture and open plan layout. Our photographer even set up an amazing shot just from his bedroom window. 

In the Jungle

Our house location was set a stones throw from a beach one side, a river on the other, and also in the middle of a jungle. It was incredible to wake up every morning to the sounds of tropical birds. Although the sneaky geckos can get inside your room and keep you up at night, one of the team even had to shoo a bat out of their room at one point. 

A Hairy Visitor

The wildlife didn’t end there either, one evening our sofa area was home to this furry little fella who crept out from behind two cushions, much to the surprise of our model. The only downside to having an open-air lounge! Don’t worry though, we just shooed him back into the jungle to be back with his friends. 

The sunsets were incredible at this location and we were squeezing every last drop out of the light. 

We loved how the polished concrete was the perfect neutral base to show off our latest linen collection.

We had such a wonderful time in Colombia. It is a beautiful country with friendly people, incredible scenery and varied wildlife. We hope you enjoy our Summer collection as much as we enjoyed shooting it.