What to take with you when running a marathon.

26.2 miles of running is quite a challenge. Getting your head around your training schedule, learning from trial and error, injuries and more, is quite a handful but you’ve made it. Race day is just around the corner and now you’re thinking, what do I actually need to take with me on the big day? Well, my fellow runner, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will be sharing with you exactly what our Direct to Consumer Director, Ben, is taking on his Marathon this weekend in Madrid, Spain. He will also be taking part in the Virtual London marathon straight after. Crazy!

The Check List

Ben has got together his essential running gear. Here is what Ben will be taking with him when he runs the Madrid Marathon and the Virtual London Marathon.

1.  A baseball cap – This is a great way to protect your skin from harmful UV Rays and beat the heat.

2. Sunglasses – To help protect your eyes from UV rays and debris.

3. A good pair of running trainers – You will want to have done at least some of your training in these shoes.

Top tip – You should replace your running shoes after every 300 miles run, this is because, after this mileage is complete, the shoe is no longer in optimal condition. This means your comfortable pair of running shoes could put you at a higher risk of injury.

4. A running backpack – There are compartments for your drinks bottles, gels and storage for other important items mentioned in this list.

5. Blister plasters – Trust us, your feet will be thankful. A marathon takes a tole on your body, particularly your legs and feet. Blister plasters will make the run significantly more comfortable.

6. Energy gels – Energy gels are really important. Your body can store roughly an hours worth of carbohydrates to use for energy intense activities such as running. Therefore, it is really important you top up your body up with energy rich sources such as energy gels. You will want to try these while training to make sure you’re happy with their taste and impact on performance.

7. Vaseline – If you’re a runner reading this, you know what the Vaseline is for. Chaffing is NOT a fun experience, Vaseline is a great cheap option to avoid chaffing.

8. Imodium tablets – When you run, your body doesn’t digest the food that is sitting in your stomach and very commonly runners do not hydrate enough before, during or after a run. Imodium, much like when you have an upset stomach, helps to retain water. Helping you stay hydrated.

9. Tape – KT Tape and bandage quickly become a running essential, especially if you have a niggle (a small injury or pain). Kinesiology tape helps stabilize injured areas by adhering to the skin and applying pressure to the tissue the tape is wrapped around. Support bandages are helpful for pre-existing injuries or weaknesses in the foot, ankle and knee.


This is the first time Ben will be undertaking a back to back marathon the Madrid Rock and Rock and the London Marathon. If you want to support Ben and the RSPB, please donate via our fundraising link.