The Best Places to Visit in Norway


Have you considered a Scandinavian getaway for your next holiday? We’ve picked out a few of our favourite and unique locations that you will love this winter or the sunny seasons to come!  


Bergen is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and features plenty of Norwegian charm. Set in a picturesque coastal landscape of fjords and mountains, you’ll love exploring the wooden buildings, artisan boutiques and traditional restaurants. 


Svalbard is an ideal location for either a winter or summer getaway as there is lots to do and see all year round. Sixty percent of this subpolar archipelago is covered by glaciers and it has a rich array of Arctic wildlife including walruses and 1/6th of the world’s polar bears! If that wasn’t enough to make you add it to your bucket list, Svalbard also hosts a growing number of designer hotels and delectable restaurants. 


Norway’s capital, Oslo, is a centre for art and culture. With top-notch museums, art galleries and a stunning opera house, you’ll never run out of things to do. Perfect for fans of exciting architecture and modern art, forget everything you think you know about this city – it’s bound to surprise you.

Lofoten Islands

We headed to the Lofoten Islands to shoot our latest collection, Unplug and Unwind. With small fishing towns and sandy beaches, this collection of seven islands is a must-visit for those wanting to experience authentic Nordic life. In the winter you can see the Northern Lights and in the summer you can see the Midnight Sun, a phenomenon where the sun never sets below the horizon, even at midnight!