Our Charity Partnerships

We are super proud of our charity connections and have been working with various national and international charities since our inception in 1993.


We love working with the RSPB. Since our partnership began in 2015, we have raised £306,000 to help their wildlife conservation efforts. We raise this money through the sale of our Artist T-Shirts, which feature fun pop culture references and famous phrases. £5 from the sale of each t-shirt is donated and we raised £32,000 in 2022 alone. We also have a charity shop within our HQ canteen to raise funds for the RSPB. To date, we have raised a total of £1820 through selling second-hand clothes and samples from our photoshoots.


Additionally, in 2019 we started working with Newlife. This charity is the leading provider of specialist equipment for children with disabilities or terminal illness across the UK, supporting families to get the equipment they need, which has often been delayed or refused by statutory services. The charity recycles products from major retailers to its stores across the country. In 2022, we donated 5000 items of clothing to Newlife which included customer returns, samples and end of life stock, showcasing our commitment to saving perfectly wearable products from going to landfill.