Behind the Scenes of our AW19 Photo Shoot


We are no strangers to Norway having done a few shoots there now, but this is the furthest north we have ever ventured. For our Autumn/Winter 2019 photo shoot we set our sights on the beautifully picturesque Lofoten islands.  

There is something very calming about Norway, it might be the crystal clear, stock still fjord water, the clean and fresh air, or the fact you rarely bump into other humans while wending through the epic countryside, but it is like no other place we have ever been. 

They are so in touch with nature here, and are always geared up to exploring the outdoors, and making nature part of your everyday, they even have a word for this “fresh air life” which is friluftsliv. Due to this way of being you will often find bolt holes and bothy style structures. One location was a little ramshackle cabin with its own honesty bar, wood burner and even a guitar, so wonderers can rest for a while and create their own entertainment. This was very welcome when the rain decided not to stop for a few hours. 

There are hundreds of deserted beaches around the area famous for the midnight sun, and we were treated to a wonderfully clear evening on a beach close by to our house, where we danced and soaked up the sunset. This stunning location also made the front cover of our October 2019 catalogue. 

We were lucky enough to be hosted by our very own Nordic Viking in the form of our Air BnB host Eivin Drivflaadt. He owns a wonderful house in the village of Digermulen, plus he has a historic fishing boat from 1936 which we were able to spend some time on shooting around the islands. 

The beaches we found look like they belong in the Caribbean, some of the team couldn’t help but take a little dip and a swim to this cracker of a beach. The sea was a slightly chilly 12 degrees, but you know us at Weird Fish, any excuse to be in the sea!  

On the way home we huddled up to keep warm and tell stories as the sun went down over the sea. 

Our host Eivin was a fantastic guide, taking us to some wonderful locations, and filled us in on local delicacies such as the dried cod. They salt and dry it to preserve it, then they soak it in water to rehydrate it for use in soups and casseroles, Eivin treated us to a wonderfully fragrant risotto using the local fish which was hearty and delicious.  

Evenings spent at the house were warm and friendly, Eivin had built this huge sofa which was a wonderful spot to sip your tea and watch the weather change over the mountains.  Or we would crowd into the cosy dining room (with amazing wallpaper) for a Nordic feast, or take a dip in the hot tub. 

One night after an outdoor bbq feast, we stayed up, snuggled under sheepskin blankets with the hope of seeing the Northern Lights. Although we weren’t fortunate on this occasion it was wonderful to embrace nature this way, bracing the cold with a roaring fire, and big fluffy socks, embracing everything we have learnt hygge is about.  

It was sad to leave but we were so excited to get back and bring all the amazing photography to life in our AW19 catalogue. We hope you enjoy our latest range which was inspired by our Scandi Escape, you can shop the full range here.