Behind the Scenes: Wear the Weekend

For our new collection, Wear the Weekend, we have designed a range of wonderful clothes that will give you that weekend feeling, every time you put them on! This collection is all about the quality, fabrics and classic designs that you know and love.

Wear the Weekend

To put our new range to the test, we took it on a little trip to the rugged Kent coast and beautiful East Sussex town of Rye, where it performed very well!

Our trip included a chilly beach walk (dodging the showers), a mooch around town, taking the dog for a stroll, a relax at home by the fire and not to forget a well deserved drink at the local! All the things we know you love to do, as do we.

Beautiful, quaint and quirky!

There is so much to do in this beautiful part of the world, from visiting historic buildings and vineyards, to independent shops, cute cafes and all the fascinating antique sheds.

A special mention

We loved visiting the Rye Waterworks Micropub for a pint (or two!). This unique pub was a water pump house for 300 years before becoming a soup kitchen in the 1890s, it doesn’t get more quirky than that! 

Cuddly cats

On arrival at a beautiful rustic house, our shoot location, we were greeted by some very friendly resident cats, a roaring fire and some soup to warm us all up.

Our trip to the seaside

At sunrise we headed to Dungeness, a fascinating and vast stretch of coast, featuring lighthouses, quirky houses, lots of abandoned rusty boats and a lovely rustic fish shack.

Puppy love

We were joined by two very friendly dogs on the beach, who did their best to upstage the models. One of the dogs came with us, the other local clearly just wanted to show off his new jumper.

Disaster Struck!

In the evening, we headed to The Globe Inn Marsh for some grub, where we also shot some of our most loved outfits. The food was delicious and the evening’s entertainment was provided by a small chimney fire that was extinguished by the fire brigade super quickly!

A great shoot, with a lovely team and fantastic locations, we’ll definitely be back!