Costa Rica is the place to be when it comes to sustainability, with a massive 93% of the country’s electrical energy coming from renewable sources. Costa Rica is on its way to being one of the most sustainable countries in the world, so it is no surprise we chose to shoot our summer campaign there (plus, January in the UK can be a bit challenging for swimwear!)

Our team headed to the relaxed beach town of Santa Teresa on the west coast, which is full of fabulous places to eat, wonderful sunsets and lush jungle. Santa Tersea is the place to be if you love delicious food, yoga and surfing as the sun rises. If Weird Fish were a place, this would be it!

Whilst we were in Costa Rica, our team took the initiative to give back and took part in a five-minute beach clean hosted by the 5-minute foundation. We cleaned from Banana Beach Bar to Tropico Latino with our guide and founder of the 5-minute foundation, Carolina. Read more here.

Tropico Latino is a hotel and bar focusing on sustainable and healthy eating, including freshly caught fish that comes direct from local fisherman, supporting renewable energy, using biodegradable products and hiring staff from the local community. Their chef uses as much fresh organic and local supplies as possible, which we think is fantastic.

On our trip, we got some amazing shots whilst undertaking some super fun and chilled activities. On one of the days, we borrowed an old jeep and went down to the beach – surf boards in hand!

From horse riding at sunset, chilling by the fire on the beach and enjoying local wildlife, we had a blast in Costa Rica! We did have a giggle watching an iguana helping itself to someone’s lunch and a little cry at the huge moths and tarantula’s we saw!