Behind the Scenes of ‘A New Leaf’

Our Autumn campaign for 2021, A New Leaf, was inspired by several things. Everything is changing and it is time to turn over a new leaf, whether that is swapping out your summer wardrobe for something a little woollier or enjoying the changing of the seasons, something new is a-foot.

Our latest shoot for Autumn 2021 took place right on our doorstep, at a beautiful village in the Cotswold’s. Being able to utilise locations near by helps us to reduce our carbon footprint as a business and take advantage of stunning locations within the UK.

You can read more about our Ethical Policy here.

The quiet, picturesque village was the perfect backdrop for our transitional autumnal pieces such as cosy sweatshirts, waterproofs, long line autumnal dresses and more classic autumn Weird Fish favourites.

We also had the honour of working with two lovely new models Rob and Christina, which was fantastic. For our Autumn shoot, we had an additional model, Luna the dog. This gorgeous pooch stole the show with her shiny coat, adorable face and joyful personality. Luna was just as photogenic as our models!

The weather was also a key influence on our shoot and in true British fashion, we had a little bit of everything. There was a little bit of rain, a bit of sun, clear skies, cloudy skies and everything in between, perfect for an Autumn photoshoot.

After photographing, modelling and giving Luna the dog a lot of love on set, our team went to lunch at a lovely local pub. They ate delicious food, recovered from the unpredictable weather and took some fun photos too.

Our team and models had great fun roaming round the Cotswold village, the locals were super friendly and even let us borrow their Land Rover for a few pics too. We bumped into some lovely cows in a nearby field that had a wonderfully curly coat, they were having a wail of a time grazing on the luscious green grass.

Sometimes the best place is right on your doorstep.