A Pawfect Photoshoot

To celebrate the launch of our Walkies range, we brought together the three dogs that inspired the print. Lottie, Sadie and Lola are each owned by members of our design team and had the best day exploring the Weird Fish HQ and having their photos taken.

Read on to find out a little more about what makes each furry friend so special…

Lottie / Sophie

Nicknames: Lot-pot, Lottiepoo

Describe your dog in a few words: Lively, nosy, my little shadow

Favourite thing to do: Paddleboarding

Favourite treat: Cheese

Favourite toy: Half-eaten yellow rubber ball

Naughtiest thing they’ve ever done: Ate one of the tiers from a three-tier New Year’s Eve cake!

Best thing about them: Gives the best cuddles

Sadie / Aundrea

Nickname: Sadie bobs

Describe your dog in a few words: Fun, inquisitive, lovable

Favourite thing to do: Sit at the window barking at everyone who walks past

Favourite treat: Doggy donuts

Favourite toy: Basil the sprout

Naughtiest thing they’ve ever done: Cleaned out a whole tub of hummus!

Best thing about them: She’s so cuddly, fluffy and good natured

Lola / Bethany

Nickname: Lola Palola

Describe your dog in a few words: Couch potato, calm and stealth-like for treats!

Favourite thing to do: Zoomies around the garden

Favourite treat: Chicken

Favourite toy: Ball

Naughtiest thing they’ve ever done: Stole sandwiches in the park

Best thing about them: Loving and loyal

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