A Macaroni Love Story

Earlier this month, we received a delightful email from a loyal Weird Fish customer. This lady and her husband are truly part of the shoal and explored their love story through a wonderful poem about his 28 year old Macaroni sweatshirt.

It’s almost 30 years, Weird Fish have been around

Filling wardrobes Worldwide, their story it’s profound

But what of the Macaroni, developed in ninety-four

Well one at least has travelled, on an international tour


Twas on our 3 year anniversary, I treated Mr ‘O’

His first and favourite Macaroni, he was thrilled and loved it so

It started our collection, of all things Weird Fish

From hoodies, tees and knitwear, no matter what our wish


But what of this Macaroni, bought in ninety-four

It’s journey must have ended, it surely is no more

How wrong you’d be to think this, it’s actually not the case

It still remains a favourite, bringing a smile to his face


From safari’s in East Africa, to a life in Brazil

The beaches of the Caribbean, the German freezing chill

This little blue Macaroni, has stood the test of time

Surviving endless washes, and still remaining fine


We love our Macaroni’s, we wear them all the time

And wanted to say thank you, with this little rhyme

So special is the original, our photo’s tell a story

Not only of our life, but of this Macaroni’s glory


Thank you to the lovely couple for sharing this with us. It really made our week! Thank you for being our Weird Fish Heroes and congratulations on your 31st Wedding Anniversary.