5 Minute Beach Clean – Wear it With Pride

5 Minute Beach Clean

Recently, our team headed to Costa Rica to shoot our new collection, Destinations, where they met Carolina Sevilla from 5 Minute Foundation. The 5 Minute Foundation specialise in beach clean ups and are passionate about improving the education, knowledge and plastic pollution problem on the worlds beaches.

Weird Fish 5 Minute Beach Clean

The 5 Minute Foundation was established after Carolina set up an Instagram account recording beach clean ups every day which is how it became known. Her content went viral.  Carolina stated in an interview with us, that “luckily we have a lot of people around the world creating clean ups creating awareness and changing habits.” Her inspiring content and worldwide audience inspired her to turn what started out as an awareness page on Instagram into an organisation, the 5 Minute Foundation.

“There is a lack of information and education around the world people think what they consumed is going to be recycled or go to landfill and nothing is going to happen to it but basically it is not like that most of the things we consume end up in the ocean killing marine animals around the world 100,000 animals die every year because of plastic pollution.”

Weird Fish 5 Minute Beach Clean

Carolina and her organisation are wanting a better world for all those who inhabit the planet, and is raising awareness around how damaging plastic pollution can be to our environment and wildlife.

“We are drowning in plastic and we need to be aware so we can start changing in our households, schools, colleges, offices, we need to take action and it is an urgent matter.”

“We are really happy to have you guys here and to do a clean up and to see that Fashion brands are becoming a much more aware of their impact  , what they’re doing and their products and trying to be come the most sustainable as they can and I congratulate you guys for the efforts you are taking.”

You can find out more about Carolina’s amazing organisation, the 5 Minute Foundation here.