Best Places in the UK to visit this Summer

We have some guest bloggers writing for us today, travel bloggers and Weird Fish lovers, Nico and Vicky aka The Travellings Mooseys.

Nico & Vicky

Since meeting each other during Newcastle Universityā€™s fresher week, nearly seven years ago, Vicky and I have never spent a day apart! We have explored the world together and will continue to do so. In-between pretending we are Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, we both enjoy a range of cool, sometimes nerdy hobbies and interests!

We hope you enjoy our article and if you would like to read more articles written by us, you can find us here:

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behind the scenes of the summer 2016 weird fish photo shoot

The location for our Spring/Summer 2016 campaign took us to the well visited island of GranĀ Canaria.

We spent a lot of our time enjoying the utterlyĀ amazing Maspalomas sand dunes. We were told by our guide that the dunes were created hundreds of years ago, when strong winds carried the sand from Morocco to the location. We are not sure how true this is, but the winds are constantly moving the dunes, and they are now in a more southerly location than they were 40 years ago.


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winter caravanning tips

Guest blog from Sue Taylor Ā – digital editor of Camping and Caravanning MagazineĀ 

Caravanning is cool even in winter…

Iā€™m often asked what the appeal is of caravanning or motorhoming? Quite simply itā€™s the freedom and flexibility it allows you, from where and when you camp to the choices it affords you once at your chosen destination. It also provides the means to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy new adventures with family and friends in the great British countryside.

Sue Taylor

If you like Sue’s top, click on the image to see more details on our website.

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behind the scenes of the weird fish summer photo shoot continued

The 2nd day of our shoot started early, in search for some woodland. Being distracted by the amazing sunrise, we stopped in a lay-by on the edge of a hill with a beautiful view, much to the interest of the locals.

Julia took up her usual position behind the laptop, pink bobble hat peaking out.

Madeira day 2

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salty sea dog

IMG_20150415_114242This is Herb, one of two pups at Weird Fish HQ.Ā  She is a 4 month old Vizsla, adorable, affectionate and completely mad.

Growing up in our home town of Cheltenham she has yet to experience the pleasure of salty sea air, so to put that right we took theĀ caravan down to the south coast after Easter.

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