hero of the month – june 2016

Each month we are picking someone we feel deserves some recognition, be they an established celebrity, or more of a local celeb ā€“ We want to thank these everyday heroes for the things they have achieved.

This month we have picked the brave men and women at the Rye Harbour Lifeboat Station.


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ahoy me hearties

With our love of the sea but being psychically landlocked in our beautiful, but dry home of Cheltenham, we sometimes daydream about the open water.


One day a few months ago, our Ron took one of these daydreams and an unused bath tub, to create Ā something that might help us feel a little closer to the sea, and so theĀ Weird Fish boat was born.

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poole harbour boat show

The weekend of 9th-10th May saw inĀ theĀ first date for the Weird Fish Weird and Wonderful Summer Tour. It also saw the first year for the Poole Harbour Boat Show.

Poole HarbourAnd what a show it was, there were some beautiful boats, including the famous tall ships that do the rounds at many a port, theĀ Pelican and Stavros.

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