the macaroni™ story.

Our most iconic product after our Artist T-Shirts, this bumpy textured knit is instantly recognisable and so popular we have now sold over 1 million of them. Want to know more? Read about how we discovered it, how it is made, and which type of Macaroni™ is best for you.


1. The Origin

Far away in a Turkish knitting factory stood a dusty, neglected collection of machines. Laying dormant until 1993 these redundant circular knitting machines were then discovered by Weird Fish and it quickly became clear that these sleeping giants had the potential to produce a unique fabric that no other manufacturer was able to produce anywhere in the World. Inspired by this discovery, we brought these machines back to life and christened the fabric after the variety of pasta it resembled. Inspired by the appearance of the unique triple-twist in the yarn we called it the Macaroni™ and went on to produce our first generation slow spun, worn in, pre-grooved, cotton slub sweatshirt.


2. The Recipe

Over the years we’ve refined our Macaroni™ recipe, improving our construction process and the mix of Cotton, Polyester and Viscose to achieve an even higher quality garment whilst eliminating shrinkage and improving performance. During the first five years of production the different Macaroni™ colour options were garment dyed, today we fabric dye (before garment production) to improve the colour quality and consistency. Today continuous tweaks and refinements to the production of our Macaroni™ range allows us to offer a diverse and comprehensive collection of Macaroni™ products split into four distinct sub-groups – Classic, Tech, Active and Lined.


3. Evolution

For a long time the knitting factory in Turkey continued to produce all of our Macaroni™ garments, subcontracting out fabric spinning, knitting, dying, cutting, stitching and even packing. However in 2010 in an effort to make production more efficient, Weird Fish purchased two of the machines and relocated them to India with production now taking place all under one roof – from combing the cotton fibers and spinning the yarn to dying and knitting the Macaroni™ fabric with all the cutting, stitching and finishing done in house.


4. The Ethics

Ethical production is very important to us at Weird Fish and we have a stringent ethical policy which our suppliers have to adhere to. By moving our machines to India we were able to further enhance this policy with our partners in India operating a platinum level green factory, offsetting up to 90% of emissions through wind, solar and steam power. Staff work in a fully air conditioned carbon neutral green factory with brand new fully automated machines and have daily meals provided in the onsite canteen.

With the addition of the New Lined Macaroni™ we now have a Macaroni™ for every occasion.


Here we have given you all the different attributes to each different style of Macaroni so you know which one works best for you.

It all started with our Classic Macaroni™ range back in 1993. This unique, slow-spun, cotton-rich knit instantly became a feel-good favourite, loved for its comfort, quality, iconic look and durability. This exclusive range with its classic branding is a great choice for those who want to wear the weekend every day.

What our customers think of Classic Macaroni™…
“Cruiser is an ideal weight for use in the cooler months. Very comfortable and great colours”

Packed full of technical features and additional zipped pockets our Tech Macaroni™ range is both super-comfortable and brilliantly functional. Made from our iconic, durable Macaroni™ fabric and finished with contour stitching the Tech Macaroni™ won’t let you down on those long days in the great outdoors.

What our customers think of Tech Macaroni™…
“Very good item with nice additional touches; fleece-lined, padded sleeves and fleece collar. Zips are reliable – don’t jam or catch.”

A lightweight, breathable take on our Classic Macaroni™, the Active Macaroni™ range allows you to get active whilst keeping that iconic Weird Fish look. Featuring distinctive active fit panels in a range of contrast colours, our Active Macaroni™ range is perfect for those who are  constantly on the go.

What our customers think of Active Macaroni™…
“Looking for a lighter weight sweatshirt, and this fits the bill perfectly, as well as looking good.”


New and exclusive this season, our Lined Macaroni™ range offers next-level comfort and warmth. Fully fleece lined with a relaxed fit and available in a range of exciting new colour combinations, this latest addition to the Macaroni™ family combines, the quality, comfort and relaxed style you would expect from Weird Fish.

What our customers think of Lined Macaroni™…
“I would recommend this product to my family. The quality of the top is first rate, I  went out in it the other day and it was like being in a blanket, lovely and warm.”



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