giving nature a home with the rspb at weird fish

Some of you may be aware of our little garden, for those of you new to it, we shall explain.

WF garden

About 3 years ago Ron and Nick who work in our warehousing department took it upon themselves to make use of the dead space in our carpark. Filling it with flowers, plants and even fruits and veg. To read an interview with Nick and Ron you can view our blog from last year.

Weird Fish garden

When we teamed up in partnership with the RSPB last year, they were delighted to hear about our garden and kindly send us some items we could use to make it a more critter friendly place.

Weird Fish garden

Weird Fish garden

Weird Fish garden

We were so chuffed, and Ron got to work adding these additions into the garden to hopefully encourage some wildlife.

This was the hedgehog house.

Weird Fish garden

Plus the bee and bug hotels.

Weird Fish garden

After a couple of months we don’t have any hedgehogs yet, but it is looking more cosy and we hope they might appear later in the year. We have even asked around the area for any that have been found and need re-homing.

Weird Fish garden

And the bug box seems to have grown some extra areas.

Weird Fish garden

We can confirm a family of blue tits did make their home in one of our bird boxes though, and quick as they are, Ron managed to snap a picture of one.

Weird Fish garden

A big thank you to the RSPB for helping us to make our garden a more enticing home for wildlife, we can’t wait until more bugs and animals decide to move in.

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