poole harbour boat show

The weekend of 9th-10th May saw in the first date for the Weird Fish Weird and Wonderful Summer Tour. It also saw the first year for the Poole Harbour Boat Show.

Poole HarbourAnd what a show it was, there were some beautiful boats, including the famous tall ships that do the rounds at many a port, the Pelican and Stavros.

Poole Harbour

We had a lovely, tranquil view over the marina.

Poole Harbour

And the stall attracted much attention. It is always great to meet some of our loyal Weird Fish fans.

Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour

Along with all the stalls there was also some entertainment, here are just some of the characters we had milling around.

Poole Harbour

We were very proud to meet gold medal winning Paralympian Helena Lucas MBE, she was kind enough to show us her gold medal, and even hold it, it was so heavy!

Poole HarbourThe first ever Paralympic sailing gold medalist, was a dream to talk to, and we couldn’t let her go away empty handed, so sent her off with some Weird Fish goodies.

Poole Harbour

With the live bands playing all day, the many boating demos and the hard work put in by everyone involved, it proved to be a fantastic weekend and we look forward to returning in 2016, we hope to see you there.

Poole Harbour

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